Who We Are

The Fairfax National Security Solution’s team is comprised of former senior leaders from the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement agencies, and select allied services.

What We Do

Mission: Fairfax National Security Solutions provides national security consulting and advisory services to select key government clients.

  • Uniquely insightful strategic advice to senior leaders on the full range of national security issues.
  • Senior leader development seminars and education programs.
  • Senior leader and staff mentorship.
  • Advice and support for organizational capacity development and reform.
  • In-depth capability analysis and improvement plans.
  • Tabletop exercises and analytic assessment of results.

How We Do It

Vision:  Fairfax National Security Solutions is a small, networked, and highly ethical company that acts with the utmost integrity and confidentially to assist its clients.

    • We work with government clients in nations for whom we developed great respect during our service in government.
    • Our offerings are tailored to clients’ particular needs, circumstances, and culture.
    • We do not sell or market specific technology.
    • Confidentiality is central to what we do.
    • We ensure that all of our activities and recommendations are consistent with the laws, legal procedures, and policies of our clients and all involved nations.
    • We do not lobby or advise how to engage the U.S. government.

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